Mobile App Designing - Is Our Service Provider The Best Fit For Your Requirements?

mobile app designing
Mobile App Designing

It is a universal fact that the look and feel of your application plays a vital role in the success and popularity of your business as it defines how easily and intuitively your customers can interact with it and get their work done off it. That’s why you need to choose such mobile app designers in India who can at least understand this basic concept that goes behind every mobile app design.

In order to design a successful and popular app, other than worrying about the concept of handling the target audiences, a graphic designer in India should be aware of the technicalities that go behind the two popular app store as well - owned by namely Apple and Google. Both these organizations have laid down certain design principles - Flat Design (from Apple) and Material Design (from Google), to which modern-day apps must adhere to in order to maximize the app's usability.

Flat Design by Apple:

Apple implemented its Flat Design technology into app designs after the launch of iOS 7. This design guarantees faster loading and best performance of the app across any hardware configurations. Although this design principle doesn't cater the physics nuances and the shadows but has the ability to touch each and every detail within your design. We hope that the above information should help you while investing in mobile app designers in India.

Material Design by Google:

This design principle mainly focuses on rendering life-like performance of the screens within the app. Material design supports almost all the fundamental laws of physics and animation designs. If you are a graphic designer in India, then you should know that this design principle's performance is majorly dependent on the device's hardware configurations. This is the only con to this design principle, and as a business owner, you should discuss this fact beforehand with your mobile app designer in India.

Shiv Technolabs (STL) has been designing apps and websites for many years now. What separates us from the rest is the amount of experience our UI/UX designer carry. STL houses one of the best graphic designers in India who are experts in their domain. We have proven expertise to deliver customer's projects within deadline and with utmost quality. As discussed above, our designers are well versed with both Flat and Material design concepts, which can truly help you to achieve the UI/UX goals that you must have set for your application.

If you are looking to develop a custom app for your business. contact us today and our Business Development team will surely reach out to you.


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