How Mobile Applications are helping in growth of Travel industry

Mobile Application Development

IT industry has helped evolve and transform many lines of businesses, and travel industry is one of the huge beneficiaries of it. The contribution of the travel sector towards a nation’s economy is huge - many smaller countries, who lack the resources and capabilities to develop themselves as a full-fledged industrial economy are generating huge sums just by focussing on its tourism industry.

It becomes the need of the hour for such business holders/travel agents to increase their outreach and productivity in such a stiff and global competition. For them, mobile applications have emerged as a ray of hope to increase their businesses - and many hoteliers and travel agents have invested in a full-time Mobile App Development Company just to make sure they stand a cut above the line.

If you own a business related to Tourism and travels domain and still haven’t got the digital presence, then this article is for you. We at Shiv Technolabs, an Android app development company in India, have enough and proven expertise on this domain and want to spread awareness among business-owners so that they are able to make better and informed decisions. There are many benefits of investing in a Mobile App Development Company in India, and in this article, we discuss the major ones. Read along.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a mobile application developed by an iPhone or Android app development company is - publicity. When you are just promoting your business offline, you limit your capabilities for global outreach. You can easily promote your business through your application without having to depend on word-of-mouth publicity or other offline means.

Mobile App for The Travel Industry

The second biggest advantage of having a fully functional mobile application is a customer’s trust. Believe it or not, having your business application developed from an Android app development company and then launching it on Play store really speaks about the impact and rapport your business carries among your customers. Through the app, you can acknowledge your customer’s trust by rolling out coupon codes/offers from within the app (like discounts on first time usage, cashback or points on every booking, referral bonus, etc.), which will not only increase your ‘downloads’, but also would help in spreading positive words in the market when the users leave ‘good reviews’ under the Feedback section.

Last, but the most important advantage is the ability to collect customer related data for the analytics part of the business. When you engage your customers over your travel app, you get to know about their behavioral pattern as well. Such data can be used to analyze future sales target and serve the customers in a more personalized way, which in turn helps to boost business down the line.

Shiv Technolabs (STL) is one of the leading Mobile app development company having many years of experience in development. We have a diverse portfolio of providing services to a variety of domains and businesses, and if you are also looking to expand your digital presence, you can surely contact us for more information and our sales team would reach out to you as soon as possible.


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